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Same as before, today the world of architectural shapes is also described as a world that is conditioned on the material and arises from the material. Every artistic creation and every artistic pleasure require a specific carnival spirit in advance. Discover Artstone’s innovative wall coverings, as leading brand for fiberglass based decorative wall panels.

Design for world

Modern, simple, innovative, traditional: With Artstone decorative wall panel solutions , you can expand the limits of creativity. You can find the source of inspiration for your projects in our constantly updated photo gallery. Artstone wall covering panels are the first choice of architects, interior architects, industrial designers and individual users as a wall decoration solution , especially in the designs of cafes & restaurants, residences, showrooms & shops, offices, hotels & spas, sports & health areas . In addition to its use as interior wall covering, Artstone products; It can be preferred as a ceiling cladding panel on ceiling surfaces or as an exterior cladding panel outdoors .

  • Wall

  • Celling

  • Facade

  • Decor


Successfully our products are present at surfaces.

In more than 30 building segments.

  • Retail (showroom, shopping mall, furniture & design shop)

  • Cafes & restaurants

  • Residences (luxury, residences, etc.)

  • Tourism (accommodation facilities & hotels)

  • Managment centres & offices

  • Telecommunication & i.t.

  • Health (hospitals, sports & spa)

  • Entertainment (pubs/clubs, game centers & cinema halls)

  • Automotive (galleries, auto services)

  • Finance (banks, insurance companies & factoring)

  • More and more…

Brands of the World

Why Artstone?


We made a short video that explains the quality difference of Artstone and its areas of use.


Non-flammability certificate!

Watch the reaction to fire and performance of our panels with Class A2

Superiority in Installation

The accurate installation is as important as the quality of Artstone Panels that provide fast solutions.